The 14 Creepiest Love Songs of All Time


Valentine’s Day certainly conjures up healthful photos of flowers, sweet, hearts and romantic tunes, nevertheless it’s the creepiest love songs we’re spotlighting proper now. Don’t let the mushy hallmarks of this Hallmark vacation idiot you, for Valentine’s Day is the darkest vacation of all.

The origins of the vacation hint again to historic Rome. From Feb. 13 to fifteen, the Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia, an annual fertility ritual. Throughout the festivities, everybody would get bare and loaded on booze whereas males would sacrifice goats and canines in order that they may whip the nude ladies with their freshly procured flesh. The assumption was that these lashings would improve a lady’s fertility. On the finish of the competition, pairs of women and men could be coupled off so they may get freaky for the remainder of the night time.

Finally, Catholicism tailored the vacation, which is believed to commemorate the martyrdom of Saint Valentine of Rome, who was beheaded for performing unauthorized marriage ceremonies. Brutal, huh?

Take a look at the 14 Creepiest Love Songs under.

The 14 Creepiest Love Songs


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