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When Stray Kids hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with their Oddinary EP in March, it was a wake-up name to the music trade that the Okay-pop boy band had arrived on the scene with songs that stayed true to their underdog and outsider mentality. With the October launch of Maxident, Stray Youngsters are again with extra eyes on them than ever however refusing to re-create what introduced them their breakout success.

As an alternative, Maxident lets the band enterprise into new territory — significantly love and relationships — however does so in their very own manner. The eight tracks on Maxident aren’t gushy, catchy love songs, however quirky and unorthodox explorations into all issues connection. Similar to the comforting theme of Oddinary in making the odd the strange, Maxident is relatable and intelligent in the way in which it approaches the topic, incorporating extra in depth and common themes within the tracks associated to relationships one has with different individuals and with one’s self.

However extra eyes on Stray Youngsters additionally offers them a primary alternative to introduce the inner-workings of their group with songs carried out by the band’s completely different sub-groups. 3RACHA (the hip-hop and production-focused trio made up of Bang Chan, Changbin and Han) create a self-titled drill monitor, whereas Lee Know, Hyunjin and Felix (the performance-based trio, nicknamed “Danceracha”) come collectively for “Style,” as Seungmin and I.N (the singer-focused duo nicknamed “Vocalracha”) have “Can’t Cease.”

Get to know a brand new aspect of Stray Youngsters and browse on for our rating of Stray Youngsters’ Maxident tracks and why listeners will “STAY” with every track far past launch week.

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