Pentagon Claims Aliens Have Been Sending Probes Since 2017


Whether or not you consider in aliens or not doesn’t matter. The federal government is absolutely on board with the concept that they are going to come and presumably invade us. On March 7, the Pentagon launched a report. Not like their traditional reviews, this one has caught the general public eye. The explanation for it being that they’re straight-up saying that aliens exist and have been sending mini-probes since 2017.

The AARO (All-domain Anomaly Decision Workplace) was renamed from the Airborne Object Identification and Administration Group (AOIMSG) in 2022 and was given a brand new mission to detect and determine unidentified stuff close to navy bases and satellites, particularly issues that may go from one terrain to a different. What they declare to have found actually feels like a science fiction novel.

Aliens Are Actual, Apparently

In 2017, there was a quarter-mile-long object discovered by astronomer Robert Weryk named Oumuamua. It was named after the Hawaiian phrase for scout as a result of it was found within the Haleakalā Observatory in Hawaii. Oumuamua acts very strangely for an object from outer house, as we at present perceive it. It is ready to transfer away from the solar with no cometary tail. There are a few theories on why that is the case that doesn’t contain aliens. Nevertheless, nothing is confirmed but. The thing is at present on its approach out of our photo voltaic system.

Within the report, penned by Sean Kirkpatrick, the director of the AARO, claims that the Oumuamua is an alien mothership that’s sending mini-probes to the planets in our photo voltaic system. That is like how NASA does planetary exploration. The explanation why astronauts haven’t been capable of see these mini-probes is that they’re too small. They don’t mirror sufficient mild for our telescopes to see them. The AARO claims that there should not really any aliens within the mothership and that it’s all being operated by an AI. Kirkpatrick ends the insane report with a reminder of why they’re wanted. “AARO offers the chance to combine and resolve threats and hazards to the US, whereas additionally providing elevated transparency to the American individuals and lowering the stigma.”

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