Nas Likes To Do This While Touring, Says Tony Yayo


Tony Yayo defined to VladTV what it was like touring with Nas for the Nastradamus promo tour, again in 1999. This was Yayo’s first tour and was there with 50 Cent. He thought that the tour was going to don’t have anything however partying with girls, medication, and alcohol. Whereas there was loads of that round due to Jungle, Nas was not too excited about it. This was six years into Nas’s profession. The entire pleasure of excursions will need to have run off of him by then

As a substitute, Nas was extra excited about studying. He actually wasn’t smoking that a lot weed, however as a substitute spent a lot of the downtime along with his nostril in a e-book. Yayo figures that his studying is what made him so good with lyrics. 9 years in the past, Nas made an AMA on Reddit and was requested what his favourite e-book was. The reply was Richard Pryor’s autobiography, Pryor Convictions. He additionally gave a few extra options, with Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom and Rick James’s memoirs. He seems to have an affinity in the direction of autobiographical books that discuss individuals’s tough lives, particularly if it includes drug abuse. He is not only studying no matter is new and in style, but additionally going again to attempt to find new angles for his lyrics.

Nas Loves Books

50 Cent additionally talked to MTV beforehand about what Nas was like throughout this tour. It was the primary time that any individual had ever completed one thing for him with out wanting one thing in return. Nas introduced 50 alongside simply to hang around on the tour bus. Later, that they had a falling out when 50 mocked Nas in 2005 throughout his music “Piggy Again” for getting a tattoo of his now ex-wife, Kellis.

Nevertheless, that they had since squashed the meat. Final yr, 50 even had this to say. “I really like Nas. He’s actually the one. He’s the man, the lyrical — we was determining easy methods to do it.” In a latest interview with Billboard, 50 revealed that he was going to be working with Nas for the upcoming King’s Disease 4 LP. Nevertheless, we have no idea rather more about that at this time limit.

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