Azealia Banks Targets Troye Sivan With Homophobic Rant


One other day, one other poisonous Azealia Banks rant. This time, the web’s most notorious troll has focused Australian singer/actor Troye Sivan for some cause, accusing him of pedophilia, calling him an “expired twink” and predicting that he’ll “come out as trans subsequent.”

So, what did Sivan do to attract the “212” rapper’s ire? He cited her solely precise hit report as his “favourite pre-game” report. That’s proper, Banks goes after individuals who praise her now, that means the one secure strategy to take care of her is to by no means point out her in any respect and utterly ignore her misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, blatantly attention-craving, bigoted rants totally, so I by no means have to put in writing about her once more. Deal?

“Your [sic] a late condescending expired twink anyway bitch,” she wrote on Instagram. “We’ve been previous 212… Give it up, puberty hit that ass and made u a doofy trying younger man. I guess he’ll pull the grift [and] ‘come out’ as trans subsequent.”


Now, to cite John Mulaney, we don’t have time to unpack all of that. However other than simply the raging homophobia on show in calling any person an “expired twink” (do… twinks expire?), insinuating that trans persons are all “pulling a grift” when they’re a whole bunch of occasions extra prone to expertise unfavorable discrimination, as much as and together with violence and homicide, is simply … heinous.

Children: Don’t do… any of this. Be a greater particular person than Azealia Banks. Clearly, it’s not even that tough.

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