8 Musical Groups That Influenced Nu-Metal


For no matter purpose, nu-metal is a fairly polarizing subgenre of heavy music. Although we now have a fairly good common thought of which bands fall into the class, the strains are a bit extra blurred in terms of who influenced it.

This goes again to it being polarizing. Although lots of the artists who fall into the class — Korn, Slipknot and Deftones amongst them — have began to just accept the affiliation in recent times, they used to denounce it. They had been all adamant about sustaining their very own distinctive identification and did not wish to be pigeonholed with anybody else, as if being slapped with a label is a curse. Equally, most of the musicians who set the stage for nu-metal’s beginnings refuse to just accept such accountability.

Nu-metal combines rap parts with funk, rock and steel. Due to this fact, the artists that helped encourage all of it got here from a wide range of totally different backgrounds. Rap teams performed a component, as did funk, groove and thrash steel bands. The fusion of those genres led to one thing that could not fairly be known as steel, however could not merely be known as hip-hop both.

8 Musical Teams That Influenced Nu-Metallic

We will both thank them, or blame them.

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