20 American Foods That Raise Eyebrows Outside of the US


What precisely is American meals? It may generally be a problem to outline due to the nation’s expansive panorama and variety, all of which contribute to the nationwide delicacies. Hamburgers, milkshakes, and apple pies simply qualify as typical “American” meals — meals that may be simply acquired and is loved at 1000’s of worldwide McDonald’s areas. However America has distinctive delicacies and treats that may hardly ever be discovered wherever else and have not gained over world tastebuds.

Whereas a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is, if not beloved, a minimum of identified in virtually each nook of this nation, the very idea of a PB&J disgusts many in different nations. To additional discover this phenomenon, Stacker compiled a listing of 20 uniquely American meals which may increase the eyebrows of anyone exterior of the U.S. utilizing experiences from Tasting Desk, Eater, Meals & Wine, and numerous different sources.

This listing’s meals ranges from nationwide culinary icons to regional treats. Taken collectively, in addition they paint an image of American life, from the worth of comfort to the affect of immigrant cultures. All meals had been both invented, first recorded, or popularized by the US to some extent the place it is turn out to be intently related to the nation. Check out 20 American meals which may appear unusual in different elements of the world.

LOOK: 20 American meals that increase eyebrows exterior of the US

Stacker compiled a listing of 20 uncommon and uniquely American meals which may increase eyebrows exterior the U.S.

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